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FED Tables

Stay in community!

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When you join a FED Table, you plug into Jewish creativity that you can do at home  and a circle to connect with weekly for deep conversation, meaningful ritual, and the energy and insights of your peers.

Every month, you will receive a FED Box with key ingredients to creatively enhance your Shabbat experience  through contemplation, construction, cooking and more. You will receive new instructions each week! Then, on Saturday night, join your cosy Table (no more than six) for a Havdallah ritual to conclude Shabbat and to discuss life, art, and making sense of our world.

Sign up for Tables! 

We welcome you to the Table! There are currently five options available.

  1. Pay-what-you-wish: Join for Saturday night sessions, virtually only. Box not included.

  2. $20/month: Pick up your FED Box monthly at 307 W 121st St. #4. Includes virtual Saturday participation.

  3. $30/month: Your FED Box is delivered monthly to your home anywhere in the USA. Includes virtual Saturday participation.

  4. $20/session: Join us in person in NYC for a Saturday night session - book it below

  5. $50/month: All of the above PLUS receive exclusive access to recipes, videos, and guides, members-only events, and facilitated introductions to synergistic peers within our community

All plans will automatically renew each month unless and until they are canceled. Refunds unfortunately cannot be offered at this time. We hope you will find this service valuable and meaningful! Reach out with questions anytime.

Join us in person in NYC!

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