Our Team / Meet the FED Team

Founder & Executive Director

The founder of FED, Deborah is an entrepreneur and network-weaver. With a background in international Jewish cuisine, Deborah works at the intersection of people, food and ideas, weaving together relationships that spark unexpected dialogue, synergy, and connection. Deborah views her mission in life as making sure everyone is fed — physically, intellectually, spiritually and on a basic human level. 

Director of Operations

Brian is FED's Operations Director. He previously worked in finance at Credit Suisse, Barclays, and Morgan Stanley. Brian lives in Manhattan with his wife, Deborah, and their two daughters. He is a life-long native New Yorker, and is invested in the continuance of the FED project to introduce the city to itself. 

Introducing / FED Board

Chief Financial Officer

Asher has been involved in many endeavors, political, artistic and business.  He is addicted to exercise and eats no meat.

Vice President

Jack Ben-Harari is a chef in the tradition of Carême and Escoffier. Eschewing academies and industrial training in favor of lived experience, collegial mentorship, and direct sensuality, Jack has apprenticed in the kitchens of New York Times favorites Clay, Deli Kasbah and Sushi Metsuyan; developed speed, organization, and consistency catering 50+ events in New York City (including for FED!); and curated a kaleidoscopic aesthetic palate traveling the globe from Israel and the Levantine, the Altiplano and the Pampas of South America, and the Far East. Jack’s current passion project is to distill his vast experience into a simple, comprehensive meditation that allows you not to copy a recipe or style, but to realize your own.

Director of Programming

Kevin Joest is a Philadelphia-based composer and percussionist. He works in a woodshop by day, and seeks to explore fundamental truths of human nature via metaphor from the natural, astronomical, and mathematical worlds through his music. A “doer of Jewish,” his values and worldview align with the FED mission of cultivating open creativity, thought-provoking discussion, & diverse community, as well as fostering spaces where those elements exist naturally and organically. Kevin also loves food and the culinary arts, and has a passion for exploring the ways in which art for all the senses can combine as a platform on which to build common ground. More information on Kevin’s musical life can be found at www.kevinjoestmusic.com.

Director of Business Development

Mauricio was born in São Paulo to a commodities-trader father and a glass-artist mother. As a child, Mauricio was active in several Jewish organizations, such as CIP, Chazit Hanoar, and Hebraica. He studied law at the University of Sao Paulo but in 2008 decided to shift gears and founded KQi Productions, which produces cultural projects such as books, poetry festivals, and movies. In 2010, Mauricio began to focus on promoting (mainly street, vernacular) food as culture. He launched São Paulo’s first street food festival, Chefs na Rua (chefs on the streets) in 2012, during which thousands of people came to check out the food stalls selling amazing food prepared by great chefs. In 2013 he established São Paulo’s first gourmet food marketplace, which takes place every Sunday in the trendy Vila Madalena neighborhood. Food parks, burger festivals, and food truck events came next, and Mauricio can be credited with launching the Street Food Movement in the whole country. In 2015 he was the host and co-producer of a TV show called Chefs na Rua, in which he travels all over the world tasting street food and meeting the chefs and cooks behind it . Mauricio has always continued to be active in the Jewish community, and has been involved with projects such as Laços de Amizade, Espaço K, Perach, and Keren Hayesod, where his skills in communication and as a cultural producer have been used for the benefit of his community and of Israel.