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FEDSocial is calling on all artists, of any discipline, to join FEEDBack, a new community for creatives to share inspiration and workshop new & in-progress work.


Selected applicants to FEEDBack will meet monthly for 2-hour FEEDBack sessions. At each meeting, two members will have the opportunity to present their work and get live feedback, while a third member will lead a group study of a topic/area that is important to their work. Time for small-group discussion and individual work will round out the sessions. 


Members will also help lead FEDSocial’s artistic life, functioning as a leadership committee for creative work within our broader community. Exhibitions throughout the year will showcase work done during FEEDBack sessions, and members will be the first asked to provide art for FEDSocial events requiring artistic elements. Artists will be compensated if/when their work is presented/performed for the FED community. There will be no cost to join FEEDBack, but attendance sessions will be required to maintain membership status. Additionally, members will be able to attend any other FED community event for $20 (half price).


Sessions will be held on the third Sunday of every month from 2-4pm at FEDHouse in Harlem. Scheduled dates are listed here: February 20; March 20; April 17; May 22; and June 19. Note that all sessions will be in person (provided we can do so safely), and attendance at all sessions is mandatory.

TO APPLY: please send submission materials to The deadline for submissions is Saturday January 29, and selections will be announced on Monday February 7. Required materials are listed below.

  1. Artist biography/statement, 1 page maximum

  2. 2-4 exemplary samples of previous work, showcasing what you’d like us to see about your art

    • Please limit time-based media (music, video, etc) to 10 total minutes or less

    • Please provide a short description of each piece. Of particular interest is inspiration and creative process 

  3. Description of an in-progress work, and/or a short proposal for a new work, that you’d like to work on in FEEDBack sessions


This call is open to all applicants; there are no limits on type of art, genre, theme, or medium. Please direct any questions to We look forward to seeing your work!

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