The Oyven 

The Oven (Yiddish for oven) reclaims the Jewish spirit of a communal oven. For centuries in villages from Poland to Morocco, communal ovens served as gathering points for a social exchange, where recipes and stories were swapped and cooperation strengthened.

The Oyven is a platform for food, art, and ideas, a communal oven where everyone is fed, physically, spiritually and emotionally. We join people together in the experience of shaping, baking, and sharing challah and other traditional Jewish foods, while engaging in Jewish creativity, texts, and dialogue.

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Host or Attend Oyven Happenings!

The Oyven mobile oven visits hosts for outdoor community-building events, retreats and Shabbatons within a 5-hour drive from New York City. We are open for booking this summer and beyond! Please inquire for rates.

Or, join us on stops along the Oyven tour!

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