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The Golden Table



The Golden Table is a cultural dinner experience for fundraising, social gathering, and global citizenship acquaintance, hosted by Simba Sandra Yangala of JungleDom Network & Deborah Fishman of FED. Each Golden Table event features a special guest(s) of honor. Guests bid for the opportunity to sit at The Golden Table and dine in their company! 


The Golden Table is currently raising funds for the following programs:  


  • International Academic Enrichment Program. This new program will bring students and their chaperones on an international learning adventure. NYC students will travel to France for French language immersion, and a boarding school in the Democratic Republic of Congo is ready to host students from NYC. Students from the Democratic Republic of Congo will travel to NYC and Japan. Help us NYC residents and the next generation around the globe build global human connection and slowly move toward truly living out our dreams of a diverse, borderless world.

  • COFECO (Congolese Female Conditions / Condition Feminine Congolaise). The mission of this program is to work for the empowerment of local Congolese women through providing them with opportunities to start small businesses. The women are supplied with second-hand clothes which they sell themselves as entrepreneurs. This group of women are key participants for the March 8 International Women's Day at the United Nations.

The inaugural Golden Table event took place on May 28 at the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture (see photos above), with special guest Tirlok Malik, filmmaker, actor, producer and entrepreneur. 


Monday, January 15 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)
Families Celebrate Africa at New York Society for Ethical Culture

A cultural dinner experience at this fun-filled family event. With your generous donation, you can participate in the Golden Table to discuss about women's empowerment and COFECO. RSVP Here.

Saturday, January 27

Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo

Inauguration of the fencing for the COFECO storehouse.
Golden Table with small business idea-sharing for the COFECO women in Lubumbashi. 

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Rigo Ntumba

Storehouse Manager

Lubumbashi, DRC

+243 891 998 575

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