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FED is like TED talks, but you also get fed.

A FED event presents motivational and entertaining stories, ideas and art from the rich spectrum of people across the world and right here in New York City in the context of a dinner party.


Speakers and performers interact directly with the participants, who are encouraged to immerse themselves in a community animated by hospitality, openness and dialogue. FED restores our human capacity for empathy through allowing people to learn from others' stories and discover new ideas.

FED provides a platform for Jewish creativity, including through art and culture, where those from a variety of backgrounds feel welcome and included. Creativity with the tradition and how it can inspire reflection, help us find and realize a sense of purpose, and be our best selves is what Judaism (and FED) is all about.

Since August 2015, FED has held over 100 local, national, and international events. We are excited to invite you to our table and community to experience what it's all about. Contact us with your questions, or become a member today!

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