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JewSalsa in NYC!
JewSalsa in NYC!
Feb 25, 2019, 8:00 PM
FED Social

Come dance to a klezmer-Salsa mashup 

Monday, February 25 at 8:00 pm

FED House (W 121st near A/B/C/D subway)

Straight from Paris, JewSalsa's got a unique klezmer-salsa mashup that will take you to the dance floor in no time. It may not be a night in Paris, but join us for an unforgettable concert, dance lessons, and hit the dance floor with JewSalsa's David El Shatrán and his band Somos Los Cigarillos. 

Brought to You By:


Chief Collaborator & Performer


David, a musician and salsa and Latin dance teacher, is the founder of JewSalsa, an organization based in Paris which combines his two passions: innovations based on Latin and klezmer fusion and Jewish social events. David’s first original world music CD, la Descarga Klezmer, was recorded in May 2013. He is currently finishing his Ph.D. in artificial intelligence.

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Your Host


The founder of FED, Deborah is an entrepreneur and network-weaver. With a background in international Jewish cuisine, Deborah works at the intersection of people, food and ideas, weaving together relationships that spark unexpected dialogue, synergy, and connection. Deborah views her mission in life as making sure everyone is fed — physically, intellectually, spiritually and on a basic human level. 

About FED:

At FED House in Harlem, NYC, we are building a warm, welcoming, and diverse community grounded in the Jewish values of hospitality, openness and dialogue. Each event is like TED talks, but you get fed - by delicious food, inspirational ideas and art, and the company and creative energy of others you find at FED. 

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