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FED has a new website!

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

The FED Table. Will you come sit at it with us?

Meet the new FED.

It's a new year, and there's a new FED. Are you ready? Let's explore what's in store.

Membership Model

With 100 events over the past 3 years, we are now turning our attention to what it's all about - building community. We want you to be a part of it! For only $10/month, you will gain access to generously discounted tickets to FED events, as well as a members-only brunch on Saturday afternoons called Kiddush Club. We will also be building out a members-only section of this website where you can exchange ideas with fellow community members and continue all those great conversations that start at FED.

Expanded offerings

FED events will explore the following:

  • FED: Art Art exhibits at FED House!

  • FED: Music Musicians have always been near and dear to the FED experience. We will feature performances and serve as a platform for musicians.

  • FED: Ritual If you've been to FED before, you know that what happens at a Shabbat dinner is not what stereotypes might cause you to imagine. Imaginative, delicious food; fascinating people from all different religions and backgrounds; and musical performances heighten the Shabbat experience in a way that only creativity can. In fact, we believe that Shabbat needs a Rebrand. Join us for Shabbat Rebrand, happening on the first Friday of every month.

  • FED: What's Cooking? Want some FED deliciousness in your own kitchen? Attend What's Cooking, the FED cooking course, led by Jack Ben-Harari, to get some new recipes, tips and tricks for the new year. Sign up here.

More great events

Just because we're getting organized doesn't mean we're putting an end to the magical serendipity of a FED event. We'll bring you more spontaneous events - like The Unintended Consequences of Technology, a panel with musical performances happening on January 17.

Are you in?

If so, please do the following:

  • Sign up to become a FED Member!

  • Watch this site for upcoming FED happenings!

  • If you are a musician, artist, or ritual leader, please contact us to explore how we might serve as a platform for your creativity.

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