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Visions of Buenos Aires

When I was in Buenos Aires in October, I got hooked on tango, It wasn't even the dance; it was more the mentality. You show up at some basement at 2am and you enter a world governed (if you can call it such) by three simple things: music, people, and, of course, dance. The music is absolutely enchanting; the people are harder to nail down: laidback, fun-loving, adventurous, chivalrous, stubborn, funny, clever - and they know how to dance. Being one who is more cerebral and at times not very grounded in my corporeal self, I am surprised by how I luxuriate in really living in my body, feeling how it moves, and the chance for touch, for connection with someone else's body, such that we start moving more or less as a unit - and then I'm dancing too!

Now having returned to NYC, I feel very privileged to have met Hector Pablo Pereyra, who in addition to being a fabulous human is the owner of the Astoria Tango Club. I was disappointed at first to seek out tango at other undisclosed locations in NYC and find it to be New York-ified - everyone to a person on the dance floor a subject matter expert showing off their perfection, and newcomers not savvy in their ways may as well not exist at all. I'm happy to report that this is not the case at Astoria Tango Club. It's friendly, lively, attracts all types of interesting patrons, and the bilevel space with a stage even looks like a tango club in Buenos Aires.

Naturally I wanted to bring the talent, the energy, and the dance to FED where, per FED custom, we can also have lots of deep conversations and delicious food and wine in a more intimate environment. I'm thrilled to announce that this is happening this Friday, January 10! Hector Pablo Pereyra himself as well as Adam Tully will be performing and leading us in this event, which we are calling IntraTangos.

About our Featured Guests

Adam Tully is a polymath: guitarist, composer, and arranger of new and innovative tango music. After picking up his first guitar at fourteen, he traveled to Buenos Aires, which is where he fell in love… with tango. He devoted himself, studying with the great artists like Anibal Arias, Daniel Binelli, and Tito Castro. And now, we are privileged to be able to hear Adam’s own original contributions, from his unique point of view.

Hector Pablo Pereyra is an actor, singer and music producer who has headlined stages in New York City and Buenos Aires. He performed in Lincoln Center with his Astoria Tango Orchestra and recently with the Aces of Rhythm. He is also the founder and proprietor of the Astoria Tango Club, where world class recording artists and dancers perform regularly.


Corn empanadas

Provoleto crostini

Vegetable skewers with chimichurri sauce

Spanish omelette

Tres Leches cake

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