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MAY 10-11, 2019

Followed by Limmud: May 12


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This event was made possible through the Charles and  Lynn Schusterman 

Family Foundation's

Grassroots  Events program. 

Imagine a tiny Jewish community, isolated from Jewish renewal and progress for 600 years, now searching for ways to engage Jewishly. Now imagine a group of cool Jewish innovators coming and hosting an all-denominational Shabbat, sharing, connecting, creating magic.

Welcome to Mallorca!


This island off the coast of Spain has a fascinating unique history, where the inquisition is still fresh and the Jews are thirsty for Jewish culture and excitement. The first Limmud festival last year made a huge impact on the community. Discovering Judaism beyond the ritual was an illuminating new beginning. This year, we want to join and double down on the impact. Are you with us?


Friday afternoon

Musical Kabbalat Shabbat service

at 19:30
at FED Villa

Friday night

FED Shabbat dinner with talks and delicious food 

at 21:15
at FED Villa

Shabbat day

Services at 10:00 + Kiddush at 12:00 at synagogue

Tour of Jewish Mallorca at 13:00
Lunch at 15:45

Saturday night

Limmud Havrutot & Kumzitz at 20:00 
Musical Havdalah

at 22:00 at Limmud 

kicking off Limmud Mallorca!


FED Shabbat Friday evening activities will take place in a beautiful villa outside Palma, Mallorca. Shabbat day will take place at the synagogue in Palma. Saturday night activities will happen at the Limmud venue. When you RSVP, you will be given the relevant address.

SLEEPING SPACE IN THE VILLA IS NOW SOLD OUT. You can partake in Shabbat meals for 10 euros per meal.

We welcome you to join us!


Please fill out the form below. Please ALSO click on the relevant button to pay for the cost of the meal(s) that you will be attending. 

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