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What's Cooking, FED?

Come play with us in the kitchen.

Have you ever wanted to impress a friend or loved one with a home-cooked meal made with love and deliciousness.... but didn't know what to make, or how?

If so, this course is for you! We will progress through an ambitious course of specially crafted and playful recipes that will inspire you and leave you full of ideas and practical skills to take back home so you can prepare that meal for that special someone.

Please click the button below to send an email indicating your interest and any questions you may have. Once we have enough interest to start the course, we will notify you via email.

Course Menu

Session 1: Kid Food, All Grown Up

  • Pizza with roasted tomatoes and specialty cheeses

  • Savory French toast pizza with bespoke toppings

FOCUS ON SKILLS: Knife skills 101

Session 2: Mac-and-Cheese Remix

  • With apple sausage 

  • Brussels sprouts pesto

  • Italian (portabello, tomato, basil) 

FOCUS ON SKILLS: Seasonings; knife skills 102

Session 3: Teenage Food, Revisited

  • Mongolian Ramen Hangover Meatballs

  • Don't throw out those leftovers: Pizza Omelet and Fried Rice

FOCUS ON SKILLS: Utilizing what you have in the fridge to avoid wastefulness.

Session 4: Pickling Night with Dips

  • Make and take home your own: Moroccan eggplant, pickled onions, cucumber pickles, watermelon

  • Persian tzadziki, tehina with Swiss chard, oven-roasted garlic

FOCUS ON SKILLS: Pickling and fermentation

Session 5: Surprise! Mystery Ingredients Night

  • You bring the ingredients and our master teachers will show you how to make a meal!

FOCUS ON SKILLS: How to improvise and take it easy on yourself!

Session 6: All Grown Up Graduation Party

  • Crafted Cocktails: Peanut Butter and Jelly Cocktail, Avocado Margarita

  • Orange Stuffed Chicken with Spinach

FOCUS ON SKILLS: Creativity and plating

About Your Instructor



Jack Ben-Harari is a chef in the tradition of Carême and Escoffier. Eschewing academies and industrial training in favor of lived experience, collegial mentorship, and direct sensuality, Jack has apprenticed in the kitchens of New York Times favorites Clay, Deli Kasbah and Sushi Metsuyan; developed speed, organization, and consistency catering 50+ events in New York City (including for FED!); and curated a kaleidoscopic aesthetic palate traveling the globe from Israel and the Levantine, the Altiplano and the Pampas of South America, and the Far East. Jack’s current passion project is to distill his vast experience into a simple, comprehensive meditation that allows you not to copy a recipe or style, but to realize your own.

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